Newfoundlandscape Design & Construction Inc offers residential and commercial landscaping services to clients in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Read the following reviews from our customers to learn more about our work. We are proud of our quality workmanship and timely services. For more customer reviews, please visit our Google or HomeStars page.

We Are Extremely Pleased

“Keith and his crew completed a major job on our house that entailed a new front walkway and driveway, a curving path along the side of the house, a patio and flowerbeds. We are extremely pleased with the work and all of our neighbours are very impressed. Keith had previously done a major job for us three years ago at our old house, and we knew that the quality of his work is unsurpassed. When it was time to fix up the outside of our new house, we knew that we wanted Keith, and no one else, to do the job.

There are several things in particular that we like about Newfoundlandscape. Keith is a rarity in that he combines technical quality with great designs. He is very artistic and the end product is both pleasing to the eye and well built. We also appreciated the short time that it took to do the job. Keith brought a large crew and ample equipment and kept at it all day long, every day, for five straight days until it was completed. His crew was courteous and professional.

We highly and unhesitatingly recommend Newfoundlandscape. For beautiful designs and high-quality craftsmanship, they are unsurpassed.”

-K. Smith

Quality Workmanship

“Just wanted to let you know what a terrific job your team did on our front yard. Everyone in the neighbourhood has been commenting on how much nicer it looks, now that my weedy and overgrown ‘pollinator patch’ has been replaced with those lovely raised beds you installed. As a woman who has very definite ideas about how I want my garden to look, I particularly appreciate that both you and your team listen to what I have to say and work hard to accommodate my design considerations. Newfoundlandscape offers good pricing, excellent quality workmanship and a good comprehensive knowledge of plant material. I do not hesitate to recommend your work! Thanks for another great job.”

-R. Last & R. Guenette, Ottawa West End

The Area Looks Spectacular

“Dear Keith,
Just a note to thank you for the marvellous work you and your crew did to replace our old wooden deck with a new stone patio. I'm personally very glad that we were able to meet you at the recent Home Show. We did compare your quote and budget, and it definitely came across very professionally, and the quoted cost was definitely very competitive. Realizing that the work was not exactly the easiest, your company managed to finish the job on time and within budget. The fact that all of the material had to be brought in or removed by hand didn't daunt the crew and certainly did not affect the progress of the work. Another small but very important issue that is often overlooked is the adherence to a planned starting date. I appreciate that you were able and willing to commit to a set timeframe that allowed us to plan other activities. Thanks to you, we can now enjoy (and show off) our backyard all summer long.

I must thank you for the suggestions that you came up with as the work progressed. All of them helped to improve the overall appearance and the functionality of the area involved. I realize that some of the changes that we brought came as a bit of a surprise, but the price for these changes was definitely within the standard pricing and well within our budget. The area looks spectacular and has opened the whole backyard.

I must admit that I was concerned about the cleanliness and attention to detail. This turned out to be not necessary on my part. The fact that your crew came up with the need to protect the large pond near the work in progress says it all. Everything survived very well, both plants and fish.

Thanks again for all your efforts and you can rest assured that we will be a vocal proponent of your company and your service. The upcoming lighting landscape design will be a crowning glory to a job well done.

P.S. The recent downpour that we had, clearly showed that all your efforts to have a proper drain away from the house worked very well.”

-Mike @ Linda

Always Courteous and Professional

“In August, we had our cobblestone patio and walkway installed by Newfoundlandscape. This was a much-anticipated project that we had been considering for several years, and we were nervous about the project, wanting it to be just right. We need not have worried. Keith Sears and his employees at Newfoundlandscape listened to all of our ideas and concerns, offered us suggestions and 'held our hands' throughout the process.

Always courteous and professional, Keith and his employees made sure that we were involved and informed throughout each step of the installation. At the end of each day, all equipment, etc. was cleaned up and put away. This was very important to us as parents, pet owners and to me especially, as a childcare provider.

When the patio was complete, we couldn't have been more pleased. The area at the side of our house, that had previously been a wasted space, is now a comfortable, relaxing area for us to sit and escape the hustle and bustle of a yard full of children, dogs and toys. I can hardly wait for the first spring blooms in the flower beds surrounding the patio!”

-Kara, Nepean

Listens to Your Ideas

“Keith has completed work involving design and installation of garden features. Our experience is that he listens to your ideas and the effect you want to create, offering comments and feedback that help you crystallize your thoughts.

For us, when he presented his drawings and designs, we could see what we asked for along with suggestions and ideas based on his knowledge of landscaping and the type of vegetation best suited to the specific location and soil we have. Keith worked with us to get our shrubs and trees into shape for stronger, healthier growth. He explained what needed to be done, why and was more than willing to teach us what we should be doing with respect to our own maintenance, so everything will continue to look its best.

We have more ideas and work we would like completed and have come to think of Keith and his team as our partners in developing and maintaining our landscape. Our criteria was to keep it functional, easy to maintain and attractive to the eye. Newfoundlandscape has helped us meet those goals.”

-Mike and Laurie, Ottawa